Experts on Waterproofing Outerwear - Like water off a duck's back! New England Reproofers will bring your outerwear back to life!
New England Reproofers offer a unique skill and service. Located in New Hampshire, Founder and President Alain Gauthier brings a wealth of knowledge in the garment and reproofing industry to provide a much-needed service. New England Reproofers understand that most often consumers do not have the time nor expertise to repair their own garment...they prefer to send their much-loved friend to a professional that knows how to care for these fine jackets. Unfortunately, there were very few of these professionals to be found...especially in the United States.

At last, New England Reproofers was formed to meet the ever-growing demand for the professional care of waxed cotton garments. Whether the jacket was made in the British Isles, New Zealand or Australia...the one place you can count on for reproofing is in New England, USA.

Invest in the life of your waxed cotton jacket... Let us reproof it for you!

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