Reproofing Services

$68 – Regular jackets (knee length)
$100 – Long jackets
$60 – Trousers/chaps
$90 – All motorcycle jackets (including Bellstaff)
$60 – Add odor removal to reproofing
$60 – Add washing lining to reproofing*
$68 – Add washing outer shell*
$68 – Add reproofing to dry cleaning/machine washed. Per items or garments
$70 – Odor removal – washing lining without reproofing
$15 – Rush 2-3 days for reproofing services (please call in advance for scheduling – no checks). + $10 for each additional garment or jacket.

Add $68 to items that have previously been machine washed or dry cleaned.
Prices include hood, cap, hat & belt (when sent with jacket or trousers).
We also offer wax proofing of non-wax products like Carhartt, Denim, Bill Reid, Tough Duck, Fossil, and F.S.C. Freemans Sporting Club. We will also wax proof leather goods such as Bellstaff and Union Garage NYC as well as bags like Filson’s and Ernest Alexander. Call or e-mail for pricing.

*No guarantee to remove stains.

Includes shipping within the USA. Shipping to Canada is an additional $50. Rush service is available for an additional $15 and $10 for each additional garment or jacket plus overnight shipping/handling charges. Please inquire. Prices subject to change without notice.


Here’s how to send garments to us:


  1. Package clean*, dry item (ps. Be certain to check for personal items in the pockets!)
  2. Fill out the order form below, print and enclose with your order.
  3. Send check for payment. Online payment via PayPal also accepted. Please click the next step button to complete PayPal transactions.
  4. Our standard reproofing turn around time is 2-3 weeks. This does not include shipping time.
  5. Mail to 131 Daniel Webster Hwy. #502 – Nashua, NH 03060-0230 USA
  6. Questions – call: 603-888-5650

  For odor removal, please specify what odor Musty, Body, Cologne etc…

Please be sure to send your garment as clean as possible. Remove excessive mud or debris by hosing down or rinsing in a shower with a soft brush. Any article that is not cleaned of these materials will be cleaned by New England Reproofers, at the cost of $60 per hour ($30 minimum). DO NOT machine wash or dry clean. Garments that have been machine washed or dry cleaned need additional work and we must charge an additional $68. Items that have been machine washed or dry cleaned will be darker after reproofing. Some wax seepage is likely. Not responsible for shrinkage.


Reproofing Order Form