Our Services

Our Services

Proven by tens of thousands of garments, Reproofed without fail!

We use the finest odorless wax for reproofing and pay special attention to the hard-wear areas like cuffs, shoulders, elbows, etc. Our reproofing service will rejuvenate the waterproof- and windproof-features of your favorite waxed jacket. Unlike other reproofing companies, we reproof your pieces by hand and not with a spray on material. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Things to Know About Reproofing

  • Best to reproof yearly, depending upon usage.
  • Reproofing protects the garment from the elements.
  • Reproofing prolongs the life of the product.
  • Do not machine wash or dry clean a waxed cotton garment.
  • Garments should be cleaned of mud and debris prior to being sent for reproofing*:
  • Cleaning should be done with cold/lukewarm water.
  • Hose down or rinse in a shower with a soft brush.
  • Reproofing revives the color of the garment (most jackets get darker upon reproofing).
  • Jackets will be temporarily stiff and will soften with wear.
  • We offer odor removal.
  • Handwashing of the lining and outer shell.**
  • Wax proofing of non-wax items – such as canvas bags, and leather jackets.

*Any article that is not cleaned of mud and debris will be cleaned by New England Reproofers, at the cost of $60 per hour ($30 minimum). Garments that have been machine washed or dry cleaned need additional work and we must charge an additional $68.
**No guarantee to remove stains.

The Tradition of Quality Continues